APROVE (AMC Promovendi Vereniging / AMC PhD student association) is the association for PhD students of the Amsterdam UMC, location Academic Medical Center in Amsterdam the Netherlands, founded in 2006. APROVE organizes a variety of activities throughout the year, where you can learn, develop yourself, have fun and meet fellow PhD candidates – for example, the Science Night, Summer drinks, Career Event, and PhD thesis Printer’s Fair. Additionally, APROVE is involved in the training for PhD candidates: a delegate of the APROVE board is member of the board of the Graduate School, and participates in the evaluation of PhD courses. Furthermore, APROVE participates in the Dutch PhD students association (PNN).

We believe that meeting other PhD candidates is important to expand your network outside of your comfort zone. You can learn from your fellow PhD candidates: many experience the same difficulties as you, or have found a way to overcome them. So get (or give) your tips & tricks, share your passion and frustrations, or just have a laugh about it all over beers at one of the APROVE events.

APROVE membership is free! And you will receive our newsletters with up to date information about upcoming events. In addition to facebook, you can find us on Instagram (@aprove_amc), Twitter and LinkedIn.

APROVE is supported by the Graduate School, which provides general information for PhD candidates, the doctorate and training and supervision.

Check out all current board members on this page.