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Up next:
  • Regional Amsterdam FAMELAB Pitch competition | 13th March 2019 | Spui25. Pitch competition with 9 candidates from Amsterdam UMC!
  • Pimp My Belastingen (VVAA) | 20th March 2019 | AMC, CZ 5 (12:00-13:00) | fb event page.
  • Science Night 2019 | 12th April 2019 | Pakhuis de Zwijger, Piet Heinkade 179fb event page or Event webpage: sciencenight.aprove.nl
    As every year ProVUmc and APROVE bundle forces to create a wonderful evening with inspiring speakers.

    For this year we invited four pioneers in the fields of: “Sex, Drugs & Rock’n Roll”. See the event webpage for all the information you need!

  • Pimp My Sollicitatie (Geneeskeuze) | 24th April 2019
  • Pimp My: Personal Brandstorm | 8th May 2019 | AMC | Learn how to personally brand yourself. 
    In today’s market outstanding performance is no longer enough if you want to progress your career. Image and visibility are essential components of career success. You are a brand and you need to know what your brand stands for. In order to stand out you need to be aware of your strengths and be able to communicate these in a powerful way. What differentiates you in a field of skilled professionals? Personal branding is a proactive way to control your career development and how you are perceived in your company or the market place. This workshop provides you with the tools and skills required to develop a strong brand that is created around your personal name and career.
  • Team Amsterdam UMC for the ZuiderZeeKlassieker 2019 | 28th September 2019