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Up next:
  • 7th October – PhD Printers Fair | via TEAMS 15:00-17:00 | fb event

    A brand new edition of the PhD Printers Fair. Join us and ask the printers everything you want!

    This will be an online edition via TEAMS, with the possibility to see and feel material from the printers. Furhter information is available on the facebook event!

  • 21st October – Pimp My: Business idea by ACE incubator | 12:00-13:00 | Via Zoom | sign up form

    ACE is the university incubator in Amsterdam and is powered by UvA, VU, HvA and Amsterdam UMC. Through theincubation programs that take place in the Spring and in the Fall, ACE is supporting sustainable high growth ventures. ACE’ mission is to bridge the gap between academic knowledge and entrepreneurship.

    The learning goal of this Pimp My session is that you will learn how to transform your research into a business (idea).

  • 29th October – Seminar: Parenting & PhD – Struggle or Symbiosis | 12:00-14:00 | Via TEAMS| registration form

    The AMC Graduate School and APROVE are organizing a seminar specifically for parents and those who wish to become mothers and fathers. We think that parenthood during a PhD gets very little attention albeit a demanding job and an equally demanding toddler can greatly affect each other.

    This seminar features a talk by HR covering the ins and outs of what your employer can do for you and what s/he expects from you. Next, a small selection of your fellow PhD-parents will present themselves, their situation, their greatest struggles and their smartest solutions to handle this wonderful yet extraordinary situation. They will be there to answer your questions and with your help we will build a Q&A website accessible for everyone. Last but not least, we offer the opportunity to establish peer-to-peer groups for parents to help each other. Save the date and stay tuned, a registration form is coming soon.

  • 13th November – Science Night 2020 | Pakhuis de Zwijger / digital | 18:00-22:00 | fb event page

    Don’t we all wish to be a little more super-human sometimes? To feel and exploit the unlimited powers of our physical and mental abilities?

    Sure, we do. But being super-human is not easy – it requires skills, knock-how and inspiring teachers.

    For this year’s science night, we have comprised a panel of four speakers who will give us insight into their very own field or super-human expertise. Have you ever wondered, why can we cope with stress so much better when we’re in a happy mood? And why sleep is so essential to so many biological and behavioral processes? Could we improve ourselves by improving our sleep? Is our mental strength related to our immune defense? And what are actually the long-term effects of psychedelic drugs?

    Come and join us for the Science Night 2020, an annual symposium organized by ProVUmc and APROVE for young scientists and science-avid minds.

    Tickets include a walking dinner, inspiring talks and drinks after after the symposium.

    Find all information about our speakers and program on this year’s website: https://sciencenight.aprove.nl