17th February 9.30-12.30 u: from University to House of Representatives

Online Samenweten workshop in collaboration with Parlement en Wetenschap for PhD’s/postdocs about the interaction between research and politics.

Participants will discuss with a panel of scientists who have a lot of experience with politics and people who work in or near the House of Representatives. How does the House of Representatives work? What are the do’s and don’ts for scientists dealing with the House?


  • Marion Koopmans, professor virology Rotterdam, member of the OMT for Covid-19
  • Helga de Valk, professor migration and life course Groningen, director NIDI The Hague
  • Jeroen Kersenboom, head of Research Department at House of Representatives 
  • Hugo van Bergen, coordinator ‘Parlement en Wetenschap’

Register via this link. Main language of this workshop is in Dutch.