The board of APROVE (AMC Promovendi Vereniging / AMC PhD student association) organizes events, attends AMC-wide and national meetings to represent the PhD students of the Amsterdam UMC/AMC, and comes together in monthly meetings.

Arnolt-Jan Hoving – Radiology

Koos de Wit
Koos de Wit – Gastroenterology and Hepatology – Chairman

Klementina Avdeeva – Ear, Nose and Throat

Laura Haastnoot – Gastroenterology and Hepatology

Leon Rinkel – Neurology

Leonie Hartl – Center for Experimental Molecular Medicine – Vice-chair

Rob van Kollenburg – Urology

Roger Lodewijkx – Neurosurgery

Shari Pepplinkhuizen – Cardiology – Treasurer

Sunny Nijbroek – Anaesthesiology

Every once in a while, when one of us finishes their PhD, we are looking for new board members. If you would be interested in joining the board, let us know through; tell us a bit about yourself and why you would like to join!